The consultation

Your first visit will last about an hour. We prepare a detailed case history of your health, lifestyle and diet. Your blood pressure may be taken, along with other non-invasive physical exams as needed. We then plan a course of treatment with you.  Follow-up visits to guide your progress are shorter, usually lasting 30 minutes. We also offer Express appointments for uncomplicated acute conditions. These last about 15 minutes.

After the consultation, your medicine is individually formulated for you. Unlike the herbs you may buy 'off-the-shelf', our preparations are generally fresher and more potent. We often use multiple herbs in our medicines and source them through trusted, ethical, largely organic suppliers.

Your medicine may take the form of a tincture, tea, capsules or creams, all freshly made in our on-site dispensary. Alcohol-free preparations are also available.


First consultation:            £45           
(approx 1 hour)
Plus cost of medicine
(about £8 per week)

Follow-ups:                      £35
(approx 30 minutes)
Plus cost of medicine

Express appointments:       £15
(15 minutes subject to

Concessions are available under certain circumstances.
We ask that 24-hour notice be given for cancellations to avoid paying the consultation fee.